My name is Cherie and I’m so grateful you’re here!

Life’s a whirlwind on one hand it’s long and on the other it is so short, isn’t it? I wear so many hats – wife, mom, daughter, grandma, friend, the list goes on! But here’s the thing: I find joy in the simple moments, the ones woven into our very busy days. I love my morning cup of coffee because it hits the spot just right, followed by a morning workout that gets my blood pumping. Gratefully Present is an online space for me to share the passions I have in life and I believe you will too. Speaking of passion, food is my love language! Stick around because I’ll be sharing my ever-growing collection of recipes and demonstrating how I whip-up nutritious meals while I share all the tips and tricks, I’ve learned to simplify this crazy life we are all living. From methods to keep a tidy home to simplifying the necessary tasks that we spend our days doing. So, if you find yourself nodding along, feeling that spark of connection, then join us in this supportive community.  I’d love to learn about you and your motivation. We are at the point of life where simple joys should be taking center stage, when we’re taking steps to do the things we’ve had in our hearts for a long time and where we can all share our passions and support connections with our aligned values.

Some of my favorite things